Sometimes you need to replace a radius gutter (guttering that follows the shape of a circular roofline) on a conservation or renovation project and it needs to be ‘like for like’. The original pattern for ‘sand casting’ of that specific Cast Iron radius gutter may be long gone, but we can use the pieces you still have to create new ‘patterns’ and cast new matching radius gutters for you. This is known as a ‘True Cast’ Radius Gutter. If there are no existing pieces or it is a new build project County Gutters will attend site and take a new template if required.

You may be allowed to replace the original Cast Iron radius gutters with Cast Aluminium. (Aluminium is less expensive, lighter to install and does not need to be painted regularly to last 25-40 years depending on the installation’s environment). In this case, we can arrange for a new pattern to be made from the pieces that need to be replaced and/or from measurements and calculations from plans of the current roofline. We can then cast new replacement aluminium radius gutters for you.

If your project is a new build one, we can use the above process or, if the project calls for a more contemporary style of gutter, we can produce a faceted gutter (welding together segments of machine-mitred gutter to achieve a given radius) lengths of extruded or pressed aluminium gutter to create the curve necessary for your roofline.

Radius gutters and bespoke angles can be made to order in any profile: half round, box, ogee or moulded, along with fittings, to accommodate any situation.

County Gutters have undertaken many radius projects from listed buildings to new builds, with radius gutters, fascia’s and soffits, in some projects radius copings are required, we follow the same procedure in taking a template and manufacturing from there.