Aluminium is one of the most readily available and sustainable materials used in construction today.

From the mining stage where it is extracted from bauxite, it is then smelted and formed as ingots, from there it is widely used in the food, motor and construction industry. As aluminium can be recycled indefinitely, when it reaches the end of its very useful life, it then can be recycled and formed as something new.

In the construction industry aluminium is a favourite of architects, due to its high strength to weight ratio, it can be used in many applications, where heavier materials would fail adding too much dead load on structures.

Most aluminium systems have an expected lifespan from 30 to 100 plus years, and will not fade and degrade like plastic systems.

The maintenance aluminium requires is minimal, due to being made from alloys which are weatherproof and UV resistant, once powder coated, a wash every so often is all that is required to give many years of aesthetic pleasure.

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