Before installation, a detailed site survey would take place, this would enable the surveyor to take detailed measurements and the exact access equipment needed, if required, for each project. A set of plans and CAD drawings will then be supplied to each client, if required the surveyor will discuss these and the installation process before it commences.

Many installations take place on new build premises, these usually require a number of visits at different periods of time, this factor is taken into consideration when planning the installation, on commercial and large residential projects updated RAMS documents, will be supplied at all times.

Each installation team has a lead carpenter, they are responsible for the overseeing and installation of each project, on larger installations it may be necessary to have more than one team, a team leader is then appointed to communicate with client or site agent, and keep in contact with the surveyor for any issues which may arise.

Once a new system has been installed, a surveyor will visit site and go through the installation with the client, when finished, a customer satisfaction sheet will be filled out, warranties and all relevant paperwork can then be issued.

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