County Gutters were contacted by the technical department of the NHBC, they had an architect designed oak framed building in Wimborne with serious water ingress problems. The design of the building incorporated a 600mm wide zinc lined gutter, the gutter ran along each side, continuing up and over the eaves, the gutter sat on a 50mm plywood base, this was supported by oak cross beams that ran through the building, due to movement in the oak through settlement, the gutter was not flowing correctly, water entered the building every time it rained.

The main challenge of this project was to match the architectural features of the zinc roof and capping’s without removing the roof, the NHBC contacted us to find a solution.

After much discussion and many site visits a design was forwarded and accepted, the new gutter was designed with a larger water capacity while still being able to vent the cold roof, the 50mm plywood was removed and the powder coated gutter was installed, supporting itself on the oak cross beams, water chutes were also incorporated into the gutter as a belt and bracers approach.

The materials consisted of Legion bespoke box gutter with Colonnade rainwater pipes, all the aluminium was coated in RAL 9007 metallic Grey.


NHBC Wimborne
Wimborne, Dorset

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