We were asked to attend a block of flats on Sandbanks peninsular, to see if we could a provide a solution to an ongoing problem, salt water was running of the balconies and creating salt stalactites hanging down to each balcony below.
A couple of designs were put forwards to the clients, after a residents meeting a design was chosen. We incorporated a fascia with an integral gutter underneath, this was to catch the water as it ran off, this project was particularly challenging due to each balcony having a different radius across the whole building. A Trueline bespoke fabrication was made and installed on hardwood packers, this enabled water to run off and collect in the tray below, this was then plumbed into the main rainwater pipes for dispersal. Due to the beachfront location of this, marine grade RAL 9016 traffic white was used throughout.


Bespoke guttering
Sandbanks, Poole

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