Leaves and debris in a gutter are one of the main contributors to gutters overflowing; the debris builds up blocking the gutter and down pipes, and eventually ends up in the soak away creating costly repairs.

For a small initial outlay County Gutters can offer a few solutions to eliminate this problem.

For seamless guttering there are a few options

  • A budget option is a PVC mesh which is simply rolled into the gutter and attached to the hangers.
  • We also offer a custom fit leaf guard by Alurex, this is an aluminium mesh which was designed to fit the seamless aluminium gutter;
  • Alurex Fixatech is a permanent leaf guard that is fitted before installation eliminating the hangers making the gutter immensely strong.
  • Alurex Softback is fitted into the gutter after installation; this gives the option to have leaf guard fitted at a later date if required.

For extruded and box gutters

  • Depending on the size of the gutter there are a few different options;
  • PVC meshes can be used on smaller profiles.
  • Nylon brush inserts are also available.
  • Bespoke aluminium grills can be manufactured to fit most designs.