The downpipes principal job is to move the rain water from the gutter to a soakaway, drain or rainwater harvesting system. They come in many materials and they don’t tend to cause to many problems as they run vertically and are not intended to hold water. In many cases the downpipes you have on your property may be perfectly serviceable; a new guttering system may be able to connect to them without any problems.

Aluminium Downpipes

County Gutters can offer a wide range of downpipes, depending on the style of building we have a downpipe for every need. The range includes swaged, cast collar and anti-vandal, these pipes are available in square, round or rectangular, with sizes from 63mm to 150mm. All available in mill finish or a P.P.C colour of your choice.



Hoppers are frequently used as an architectural feature on a building, however they have a couple of functions, they are used as a junction where one or more pipes meet where it is only possible to have one downpipe on a wall. They also help water flow as they mix air into the water to help promote water flow through the downpipe under heavy rain.

County Gutters offer a wide range of pressed or cast hopper heads, depending on your requirement they can be supplied in different styles and profiles with a wide selection of motifs and embellishments.